AtPay HRMS: Lifetime Licensing Offer

Welcome to a new dimension of human resource management. At AtPay HRMS, we understand the evolving needs of modern businesses. Dive into our unique offering that blends the best of SaaS with the promise of permanence.

Why Choose Lifetime Licensing?

Opting for our lifetime licensing brings you unparalleled benefits:

One-Time Investment

No recurring annual fees, no unexpected charges. Just one payment, and you're set for life.

Total Access, Forever

Harness the power of AtPay HRMS today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Features of AtPay HRMS

Experience the SaaS advantage:

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    Cloud-Based Solution: Access your HRMS anytime, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

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    Continuous Updates: We ensure your software remains contemporary, incorporating all the latest features and government compliance standards.

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    Scalability: As your business grows, AtPay HRMS grows with you. Adjust according to your needs without the hassle.

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    User-Friendly Interface Designed with end users in mind, ensuring ease of use and efficient task management.

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    Secure & Reliable: Data protection is our priority. Benefit from top-notch security measures.

Still The Best of SaaS

With AtPay HRMS's Lifetime Licensing, you're not missing out on any SaaS benefits:

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    Seamless integration with other tools

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    24/7 customer support

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    Regular feature enhancements based on user feedback

Take The Leap

Are you ready to revolutionise your HR management with the solution built to last? Join hands with AtPay HRMS today.

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Advantages of a

Lifetime License over Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions

Cost Savings in the Long Run

While the initial outlay for a Lifetime license may be higher over time, it usually results in significant savings compared to continuously paying monthly or yearly subscription fees.

No Renewal Hassles

With a Lifetime license, there's no need to worry about renewals, missed payments, or potential service interruptions due to lapses in payment.

Predictable Budgeting

Lifetime licensing eliminates the unpredictability of potential price increases in subscription costs. Companies can budget more accurately without the concern of fluctuating software expenses.

Greater Sense of Ownership

Owning a lifetime license can give businesses a stronger feeling of ownership and commitment to the software, fostering deeper integration and utilisation within their operations.

No Continuous Commitment

With subscriptions, there's an ongoing commitment to pay. A Lifetime license frees you from this.

Potential for Legacy Use

Even if the software gets replaced or upgraded in the future, a Lifetime licensed software can still be used in legacy systems or specific scenarios without any additional costs.

Easier Expense Reporting

Instead of tracking and reporting monthly or yearly expenses for subscription renewals, a Lifetime license purchase simplifies the accounting process.

Protection from Price Hikes

Subscription prices can increase over time due to inflation, added features, or vendor pricing strategies. A Lifetime license insulates you from such price hikes.

AtPay's Promise to You

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    Server Management & Scaling: We ensure our servers are consistently optimised for performance. As your business grows, we can scale the server capabilities accordingly, providing a seamless HRMS experience.

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    Regular Updates: With the ever-evolving digital landscape and regulatory environment, we provide regular updates to ensure your HRMS is always compliant and equipped with the latest features.

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    Support: Our dedicated team can assist with technical or operational queries, ensuring you get the most out of your AtPay HRMS experience.

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    Industry Leading Uptime: We pride ourselves on ensuring that our HRMS is accessible whenever you need it. Our infrastructure promises industry-leading uptime, minimising disruptions to your HR processes.

Your Part in Our Partnership

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    Life-Time License Payment: Dive into AtPay HRMS with a single lifetime license payment and enjoy our features forever without recurring fees.

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    Support Plan Selection: We're here to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to select the support plan that fits best with your journey. Whether you need essential guidance or in-depth assistance, we've got a plan tailored for you.

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    Server Bill: Think of our servers as your digital campsite. While we ensure the site is always tidy and ready for your HR adventures, there's a small fee to keep the campfire burning. But don’t worry, we'll always keep it cost-effective and transparent.


Q&A Section for AtPay HRMS

  • Do I need to pay a monthly subscription fee?

    No, with AtPay HRMS, you make a lifetime license payment. This means you don't have to worry about monthly or yearly subscription fees. It's a single investment for lifelong access.

  • While the licensing for AtPay HRMS is a Lifetime license payment, there is a separate fee for server maintenance to ensure optimal performance and scalability. We manage and scale the servers for you; all you need to do is cover the associated costs. The exact server fees will depend on your specific requirements and usage.

  • Absolutely! We understand the importance of brand consistency. With AtPay HRMS, you can configure and use your domain, ensuring a seamless experience for your employees and aligning with your company's branding.

  • Yes, we support Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. This means you can log into AtPay HRMS using your organisation's email address, simplifying access and enhancing security for your team.

  • Absolutely! We pride ourselves on flexibility. Our white-labelling option allows the AtPay HRMS mobile app to wear your brand's colours, name, and logo, ensuring your team feels right at home while using it.

  • We have a dedicated support and technical team that constantly monitors and addresses any software anomalies. If you ever encounter an issue, simply contact our support, and we'll prioritise resolving it in the shortest time possible.

  • Your success is our success. Post-purchase, you can expect responsive and dedicated support from our team. Whether it's a technical query, training need, or any other assistance, we're here to ensure your experience with AtPay HRMS is seamless.

  • Yes, we believe in empowering our users with detailed information. You can find our comprehensive documentation and user manual at Whether you're looking for setup guides, feature explanations, or troubleshooting tips, it's all there to ensure you make the most of AtPay HRMS.

  • Not at all! We charge a very reasonable rate for server costs. Additionally, if you prefer, you can opt for a separate cloud account dedicated solely to your organisation . While you handle the billing directly, we'll continue to manage the server and its related services for you.

  • Oh, not to worry! We're all about giving you the best without breaking the bank. Our server costs are reasonable. And guess what? You can even have a cloud account specific to your company. You handle the bills, and we'll take care of the techy stuff, making sure everything runs smoothly for you. How does that sound?😊

  • Great question! We offer support packages tailored to your needs. Each package comes with a set number of support hours. Just grab one whenever you need extra help or guidance, and we'll be right there with you. It's all about ensuring you get the support you need when needed!😊

  • Not necessarily! A great way to optimise is by having a "train the trainer" approach in your organisation. This way, you have an in-house expert to guide your team. We're all for you getting the most value; we're thrilled when you can spend less and save more!😊

  • Great observation! Here's the thing: We cover our initial expenses (capex) through the lifetime license. The operational expenses (OPEX) are then managed via support and server fees. This model ensures sustainability for us and fantastic value for you. It's a win-win designed for mutual long-term benefits. There are no hidden catches, just clear savings!😊

  • That's a thoughtful question! Our model is a bit different. With the lifetime license, we receive a significant initial investment covering our capital expenses. Then, the ongoing support and server fees, which are operational costs, provide us with a steady revenue stream. This balance helps us maintain quality service and also allows us to invest in continuous improvement. It's our way of aligning upfront and recurring revenue streams to ensure long-term sustainability and value for our clients.😊

  • It's a great point to bring up, and we have multiple reasons to assure you on this front:
    1).Diverse User Base: Alongside our lifetime license users, we also cater to many on a monthly subscription basis. Consistent updates are a must to keep both sets of users satisfied.
    2).Competitive Edge: To stay ahead in this dynamic market, we regularly refine and update our product to ensure it's either on par with or superior to what competitors offer. This commitment to excellence helps us rope in new customers.
    3).Track Record: We're not new to the game. We're a few years old and have thousands of employees integrated into our system. This experience has given us deep insights into evolving HR needs.
    4).Long-Term Vision: Updates aren't just about the present; they're crucial for our future growth. Regular enhancements ensure that we remain attractive to potential clients, helping us continually expand our user base.
    In essence, updates are pivotal for our existing partnerships and welcoming new clients into our fold. So, when you choose us, you're banking on a future-focused company with a proven track record.😊

  • Absolutely not! Once you've opted for the lifetime license, you're set. Even if we decide to phase out the lifetime subscription option for new subscribers in the future, your agreement with us remains unchanged. You won't face any license fees again – your terms with us are locked in for life. Your trust is paramount, and we're committed to honouring our promise. 😊

  • We're always open to feedback and evolving our product based on user needs.

  • Absolutely! We can tailor our software to include features specific to your company. However, please note that there might be an additional cost associated with such customisation. We're here to ensure AtPay HRMS fits your organisation's requirements like a glove. 😊

  • The lifetime license is determined based on your number of employees and branches. It's tailored to fit your organisation's size and structure.

  • Absolutely! We understand that businesses grow and change. Should you need to increase your employee or branch count later on, we can accommodate that under the lifetime license umbrella. We're here to support your business every step of the way. 😊

  • Here are several compelling reasons to consider:
    1).Cost-Efficient in the Long Run: While there's an upfront cost, a lifetime license can be significantly more cost-effective than recurring subscription fees over time.
    2).Future-Proofing: Secure today's pricing with a lifetime license, safeguarding your organisation from potential future price hikes.
    3).No Recurring Billing Surprises: Budget confidently, knowing you won't have to allocate funds for monthly or annual subscription renewals.
    4).Commitment to Service: Our dedication to continuous updates and support ensures a seamless HRMS experience.
    5).Flexibility and Growth: As your business expands, quickly scale your employee and branch count without reassessing subscription costs.
    6)Peace of Mind: Enjoy the certainty of uninterrupted access to AtPay HRMS.
    7)Strategic Investment: View the lifetime license as a long-term partnership and investment that supports your HR needs indefinitely.
    8)Avoid the Subscription Trap: Many monthly subscription providers offer deep discounts initially, only to significantly increase prices after the first year or two. By then, all your data is embedded in their system, making it a challenge to switch providers.
    9)Stability against Rising Operational Costs: As development and related expenses rise, monthly subscription prices often follow suit. With a lifetime license, you're immune to these market-driven fluctuations.
    Choosing a lifetime license with AtPay HRMS is a strategic decision that combines financial foresight, business continuity, and a partnership rooted in trust and stability. 😊

  • No, all users on our SaaS platform automatically receive updates. However, you'll need a minimum support plan if you're on dedicated hosting, using a custom domain, or have a custom-branded mobile app. This is because updating these specific setups requires manual effort on our part. Our minimum support plan, which offers 20 hrs/year, is sufficient to cover these updates. Please note that only the time spent pushing these updates will be deducted from your support hours in the plan.

License Revolution

The Future of SaaS is Here: The Lifetime License Revolution

In a world where SaaS models often revolve around recurring monthly or yearly fees, AtPay HRMS dares to challenge the status quo. We introduce our groundbreaking lifetime license model, a paradigm shift to redefine the industry standard.

Here’s why our innovative model is not just different but decisively superior:

  • True Partnership

    Instead of viewing our relationship as a month-to-month transaction, we commit to you for the long haul. This speaks volumes about our confidence in the product and dedication to your success.

  • Transparent Costs

    Say goodbye to hidden fees, escalating prices, or sudden rate hikes. With a lifetime license, you understand the investment upfront, with no surprises down the line.

  • Financial Foresight

    Protect your organisation from future price inflations. Lock in today's rate and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with long-term financial clarity.

  • Empowerment to Users

    We've seen too many businesses become entrapped when providers increase their fees, especially once all the data and processes are deeply integrated. Our model ensures you never face such a predicament.

  • Innovation-Driven

    Our lifetime license model isn't just about pricing; it reflects our innovative spirit. We're forward-thinkers, always aiming to bring fresh, disruptive ideas

  • Adaptability & Growth

    As your business scales, so does our software. The flexibility to adapt without the fear of recurring costs offers an unparalleled competitive edge.

Our commitment to revolutionising the SaaS industry doesn't stop at creating outstanding software solutions; it extends to offering a business model as pioneering as the technology behind it. Join us on this journey as we reshape the future of SaaS, creating lasting partnerships built on trust, innovation, and mutual growth. Welcome to the future. Welcome to the lifetime license revolution by AtPay HRMS. 😊

Atpay HRMS

Lifetime License HRMS: Why AtPay HRMS Stands Out

A recurring subscription fee is the norm in the vast array of HRMS solutions. But what if you could break free from those recurring costs and still enjoy all the premium features? Welcome to AtPay HRMS—your one-stop solution for a lifetime license HRMS.

Why Consider a Lifetime HRMS License?

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    Cost-Effective in the Long Run: Opting for a Lifetime license eliminates the uncertainty of fluctuating subscription costs. Make a single investment and enjoy lifetime benefits with AtPay HRMS.

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    No Renewal Hassles: Forget the regular reminders and the administrative burden of renewing your HRMS subscription. With AtPay's lifetime HRMS license, you're set for life once you're in.

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    Total Access, Always: Unlike some solutions that may restrict features unless you renew or upgrade, our Lifetime license guarantees complete access to all features, now and in the future.

Why AtPay HRMS is the Top Choice for Lifetime License Seekers

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    Regular Software and Compliance Updates: Even with a Lifetime license, AtPay HRMS ensures your software is always up-to-date, including essential government compliance updates.

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    Cloud-Based Advantage: Access your HRMS data anytime, anywhere, with our robust cloud infrastructure.

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    Trustworthy and Reliable: We understand the significance of a Lifetime license investment. Our commitment to quality, security, and continuous improvement makes AtPay HRMS a trusted choice for businesses seeking a lifetime HRMS solution.

Dive into a world where top-tier HRMS meets the convenience of a Lifetime licensing fee. Experience the future with AtPay HRMS.

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